Venerable Engine

The Venerable Engine is a physics-based game engine built from scratch (the only external content is OpenGL), designed with both efficiency and results in mind.

Momentum-conserving, the physics solving recreates the effects of real-world solid-body deformations, as well as rigid-body impacts.

The end use is an AAA game engine for developers to utilize to create games with the nuance and deep interactions possible in reality, as well as thorougly planned staple features of any and all existing video games... and much more.

Novel collision algorithms allow industry-standard speed as well as extreme simulation capability: Collision with a 2.5M tri mesh (over 20x game and over 2x movie tri counts) runs 0.015-0.2ms. Time complexity is linear with the number of vertices involved.

Volumetric Cloth Sim

A jello simulator built with almost as much disregard for slow "traditional" physics algorithms as the Venerable Engine.

Collision with spheres, elasticity, and dampening are features of this Jello Sim. Both created and tested with real-life physics equations, this simulation is a physically accurate representation of a 3D matrix of loaded springs.

3D-Volume Display

A device which converts color to real, visible depth. No binocular vision tricks, no special glasses needed. Real parallax and totally passive components sourced inexpensively.